Origin of Ullins

The nordic hunting god, foster son of Thor

In Nordic mythology, Thor, the God of thunder, married Siv. From another relation before marrying Thor, Siv had a son, Ullin, and Thor took him in as his foster son.
Ullin became known as a God of hunting, skiing, archery and shield.
Ullin was strong and handsome, a leader in archery, and his abilities in skiing beyond compare. He was also unbeatable in combat, and was therefore often called upon in war.

The name means “the honorable”. Other known names for Ullin is Ull, Ullr, Uller, Vuldr and Oller.
Ullin is the origin of many names of places still existing in Norway today, such as Ullern in Oslo, Ullensvang in west of Norway, Ullsfjord in Troms. It is also the origin of the name for the municipality Ullensaker (‘Ullins aker’), which also has Ullin pictured on the municipality coat of arms.